this are delta force dagger and jo and xtreme tools 

dagger tools


wp tool map here you can see how to make wp for dagger maps when you not cant do

 it tell me i help you






dftfd update 1,00,09 : - (3,5 MB)

this tool will update you game


DFTFD nocd patch v1.00.09 : - (654 kB)

this tool is to play the game with no cd


DF.BMS.2.MIS lw and dagger


DFTFDMED V1.93a : - (115 kB)

this tool is to made new maps


DFTFD_NameEditer : - (54 kB)

this tool is to make you name cool




dftfd dialog : - (107 kb

this tool is to make the leader to talk to dagger team only in the map you made


ventrilo version 3.o.5 for windows

this tool is to talk with me and other players bud you need a headset for it




this tool is to see ho host but you need the ip frome the server


Cheat  Blocker version 3.1.6 for TFD, LW & Df2

this tool is to stop cheaters



   xtreme tools


how to install so mod you press here


press on the link you see down here


xtreme wac_scripts


xtreme mod bfm 1.2 full



xtreme mod bfm 1.3 patch



xtreme 2 update


cZn mod

JOINT.OPS  tools










AW2 sample maps


AW2 sample map ladder


AW2 sample map teleport


AW2 Sample telepor team

















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